5" Half-round Gutter

Half-round Accessories
Half-round Accessories

Brings back the classic look of yesteryear, especially when used with the retro look exterior hanger.  
Designed for light rainfall rates/and or roof areas with relatively short ridge-to-eave distances.
Materials available:
80° white or royal brown aluminum, 19 gauge galvalume, and .0217 copper.  A 3” round or 2”x3” downspout is recommended with the 5” half-round guttering.
10 reasons why you need guttering:
  • Moisture control - Keep basements, crawl spaces, and garages, dry and free of conditions that support mold and wood fungi growth by controlling roof drainage.
  • Foundation protection – Limit the movement of active zone soils underneath the foundation by reducing the amount of water that enters at the foundation wall.
  • Protect back-fill – Topsoil around the foundation is the weakest link in foundation moisture control.  Preventing topsoil erosion can help prevent future structural damage.
  • Shield windows and doors – Most durability issues arise from bulk water intrusion through windows and doors.  Roof drainage will direct water away from sensitive areas.
  • Protect plants and shrubs – Standing water in flowerbeds around the home can permit harmful plant fungi to develop as well as attract ants, roaches, and termites.
  • Protects fascia – Water migration may cause rotting and insects that can be costly to repair.  Quickly moving water away from rafter and roof joints is essential to a homes long-term durability.
  • Increase roof overhang – Rain gutters can add up to 6” of protective roof overhang providing additional shielding of windows and doors, improving drying times and moisture levels.
  • Prevents splash back – Rain gutters keep siding and masonry looking new by preventing splash back of dirt, grass and minerals that stain the exterior and can be difficult removing overtime.
  • Decorative detail – Rain gutters can accentuate the architecture of any home.  Products are available in various styles, colors, and metals.  Rain gutters are for looks and function.
  • Rainwater collection – Collecting rainwater is the simplest way to water your lawn, plants, and foundation all the while contributing to state water conservation goals.
Discolored stone because guttering has not been installed. Discolored stone because guttering has not been installed. Discolored stone because guttering has not been installed. Discolored stone because guttering has not been installed.