12-1, 12-3, & 12-4 12-1 Sealant
A Good Year product are elastomeric aluminized, which is self-leveling, seals horizontal openings up to ½” wide. 12-1 the thinnest, recommended for winter use, 12-3 thicker, recommended for summer use, 12-4 the thickest recommended for vertical seals.  Aluminum in color, the consistency of liquid aluminum.
Permanent Sealer HV
High Viscosity, bonds, cures even under water. Aluminum in color.
Geocel 2320
Available in clear or gray, with the consistency of silicone.  A tripolymer gutter and narrow seam sealant.  Can be applied under any weather condition, even standing water.
Copper PSCG
A permanent sealer used to seal copper.
Nova Flex
Provides unbeatable adhesion to metal, coated metals, wood, masonry, PVC and most common construction materials. It can be extruded in extreme temperatures, remains permanently flexible and adheres well to damp surf4\c
Gutter Seal
Available in black, aluminum and bronze.