Downspout Straps

A strap is used to keep the guttering level on a slanted fascia or when extra weight support is needed for the hanger.A T-Strap, which is 10” long, is inserted into the hanger in the hole and twisted to lock to level the guttering on a slanted fascia.  The T-Strap is available in aluminum, stainless steel, and copper.       
A strap can also be used to attach the downspout to the wall, known as a downspout strap.  
The strap known as a coil strap can be cut from your gutter coil or purchased already cut for you in any of our available colors or materials.  
Coil Strap
A patterned pipe band used for downspouts is available in white, royal brown, antique ivory, clay, musket brown, tan, dove gray, almond, light bronze, heritage cream, dark bronze, rosewood, and copper.  
Patterned Pipe Band
A plain pipe band, also known as a universal pipe band is available in white, steel, or copper.